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Why 365 Days?

Beautiful U Journey is a 365-day process because in order to make lasting change, we must be consistent in our efforts. The goal is not to overhaul everything at one time and just hope it sticks, but to make a commitment to yourself and to a slow, thoughtful process of changing your thinking and behaviors.

Why is Beautiful U Journey open to women only?

Women AND men of all ages struggle with poor body-image, however in I felt that it was important to provide a safe space for women to share their stories. I eventually want to develop a similar program for men as well, as they are not excluded from the media culture and negative messages around body-image. Men are more than welcome to join the email list to receive all of the assignments, however they won't be accepted into the private Facebook group

What if I don't have a Facebook page? Can I still join?

ABSOLUTELY! Having a Facebook is not a requirement. When you sign up for Beautiful U Journey, you will also receive communication through email with important updates, resources, special announcements, etc. You won't be left out! We are also on other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Do I have to purchase the book in order to participate?

Part of the inspiration for this campaign was the book "Beautiful You" by Rosie Molinary, where she lays out 365 days worth of self acceptance practices. Although I encourage that members purchase the book to have a resource to help guide their process, it is not a requirement and you will be able to take your journey without it.


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