The "Beautiful You" Book

Part of the inspiration for the Beautiful U Journey came from the book "Beautiful You" by Rosie Molinary. I ordered the book as a resource to help me in my coaching practices with nutrition clients, and as I flipped through the pages, every word resonated with me, and I knew they would with every female out there who struggles with poor body-image. All members of the Beautiful U Journey are highly encouraged to purchase this book as a guide during their journey. Although it is not a requirement, it is an extremely beneficial resource for anyone looking to find their way to self-acceptance.

Need some nutrition help?

Heather, the founder of Beautiful U Journey, is also the founder and owner of Nutrition Vixen, a private nutrition consulting business. Heather is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist, and has coached hundreds of clients over the course of her practice. Her masters degree is in Multidisciplinary Health Communications, which specializes in behavioral theory. Heather has published a cookbook and has another one currently in the works! As you go through your Beautiful U Journey, you may find yourself wanting to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Check out the Nutrition Vixen website for recipes, information about the cookbook, as well as services. You can also follow Nutrition Vixen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Find Help

If you struggle with an eating disorder, body dysmorphia, or other mental health conditions, please consult a mental health professional for help. There are a lot of resources out there to help you find help, one of our favorites is Good Therapy, a site that lets you find the right mental health professionals in your area. Check it out below.