Welcome to the Whole Body Image Assessment!

This is the first series of self tests to evaluate your body image. This will assess your general happiness with your overall appearance and physical features. For each question, please select the answer that best describes how you feel about that particular physical attribute. Enter your name and email and hit "NEXT" to begin the quiz, and your score and analysis will be given at the end of the quiz.



1) Happiness with overall appearance
2) Facial features (eyes, nose, lips, complexion, forehead, chin)
3) Hair (color, thickness, texture, length)
4) Lower body (butt, hips, thighs, legs, feet)
5) Midsection (waist and stomach)
6) Upper body (chest or breast, shoulders, arms, neck, hands)
7) Muscle definition
8) Weight
9) Height
10) Any other particular body part that you dislike