Because there is no one in this world who is more deserving of your love than yourself.

Our Mission

Beautiful U Journey aims to guide women through a slow, thoughtful process of developing their own self-efficacy, reframing their thinking and behaviors about self-image, and learning to discover their own needs and practice self care, so they can live their best lives.

Join The Movement

Do you struggle with poor body-image and want to silence that inner critic? You're not alone. Join thousands of women just like you in the 365 day journey to self-love! It's completely free, and women of all ages are welcome.


We are proud to partner with widely renowned organizations that help support women who struggle with body image and eating disorders. All donations made to Beautiful U Journey are given to organizations such as the NEDA or Project HEAL. Learn more and find out how you can give back!

What IS Beautiful U Journey?

Beautiful U Journey aims to spread awareness about women and body image.

Women of all ages are affected by negative body image, and by the media culture which dictates the unachievable standards women should live up to. We aren't supposed to view ourselves in that negative image, but at some point in our lives someone came along and said something that shaped how we see ourselves and we became wired with that message. Our goal is to get women thinking positively about themselves and develop a different mindset.

Those who participate in Beautiful U Journey will take a 365 day journey of learning to love themselves. It is completely free to join, and women of all ages are welcome. Any donations made to the cause will go to one of the organizations we partner with, such as the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) or Project HEAL, to help women who struggle with body image and eating disorders.

Our objective is to spread this message to as many women as possible, and to create a safe space for them to share their stories of struggle and success. This journey is about learning to silence that inner critic that tells us we're not good enough, and to discover our own needs and how to practice self-care, so that we can live our best lives.

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Silence your inner critic!

If you struggle with poor body-image and you just can't silence that inner critic, you're not alone. Join Beautiful U Journey for free, and you will receive your private invitation to our community, a safe space for thousands of women to share their stories of struggle and success, and empower one another to truly love themselves!